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Dear friend –

This is Akshar yadav and I'm going to make a startling revelation today...

Tons of traffic to your website doesn't
necessarily mean good business

Do you often wonder why your website isn't generating much business despite receiving a decent amount of web traffic? Most small business owners – whether they are in India or abroad – mistakenly believe that more traffic means more business. This is half the truth.

Whereas you do need good traffic from search engines and various other sources, eventually it's up to your website how much of that traffic turns into solid, tangible business that makes an impact on your bottom line.

No matter how much traffic you are able to generate, unless you improve the conversion rate of your website you are simply wasting your time and precious resources. Unfortunately, many businesses, despite having great potential, fail to succeed, simply because their websites don't convert well.

There are definite reasons
why your website doesn't work.

Just take a few minutes out of your busy schedule and write down the following questions –

  • Does your website design look contemporary and professional?
  • Does your website appeal to your niche market?
  • Can your target audience perceive, within a couple of seconds, what you're offering?
  • Is all the relevant information (that helps people decide whether they want to do business with you) easily and quickly accessible to your visitors?
  • Most importantly, does your website WORK for you?

If most of the questions (or even some, for that matter) elicit a "no", then your website urgently requires...

A complete website redesign

With pervasive Internet penetration and high-speed Internet connections, more and more business is happening via websites and consequently, your business website too can be a potent tool for your business. And it is not just big metros like Delhi; even in smaller cities and towns people are called to the Internet for their day to day needs. Unfortunately, small business owners somehow end up neglecting this vital aspect.

And... why does your website
require a redesign?

  1. Your website is not performing the way you had thought it
  2. It was designed and built in the early 2000s and now it looks
    totally outdated
  3. It no longer compliments the actual scale of your business
  4. You have gone through a branding overhaul and you need
    this reciprocated on your website
  5. Your website doesn't add value to your branding and
  6. The web designer that you hired created your website in
    FrontPage (or worse, Microsoft Word) and you feel, sort of,
    embarrassed, even while showing it to your customers
    and clients

There might be scores of other reasons why your website requires an immediate redesign.


Need further convincing or
need to clear some doubts?

That's good. Discerning minds always take better decisions. So these are a few steps you can take in order to learn more about the outstanding benefits of getting your website redesign –

  • ENROLL in "How to Build a Website Really
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  • DOWNLOAD "Website Talkies" (free ebook on how an enterprising business owner turns around his business by being proactive and redesigning his website)
  • BUY "Website Planning Workbook" (a must have for planning & developing a website that really works).
  • READ my website redesign case studies (written in simple story style for easy reading & understanding)
  • DROP me a line for more information or simply to keep in touch

Website redesigning by an expert designer
can totally transform your business.

Your website design is a singular combination of the different design elements that come together and work towards a common objective: increasing your overall conversion rate.

Only an expert website redesigner who has successfully redesigned scores of websites and has generated a litany of happy customers can deliver you the results you are looking for. The subtle nuances (but highly significant in terms of results) of a successful website design cannot be learned, they can only be acquired by successive testing and detailed analysis.

Website redesigning totally tailored
for your unique business requirement

I am a highly experienced web designer and email marketing specialist (read more about my email marketing services) running my business from Delhi, who has worked in the trenches digging out winning redesigns for my clients hailing from different business streams. I have helped businesses and individuals across India redefine their online presence and realign it according to their business goals and aspirations. I firmly believe that a website is not just a showcase of your products and services. It is a highly responsive medium that should generate maximum profits with minimal involvement from your side. It is your virtual business establishment serving real customers and clients in delivering tangible return on investment.

How a successful website redesign
procedure works?

You can provide a solution only when you understand the problem and then sometimes there are indirect problems (problems that exist but are not apparent at first glance) requiring pragmatic solutions. When I work on your website redesign project, this is a rough procedure that I normally follow:

  1. Detailed analysis of your current business requirement
    and what you expect of your website
  2. Indepth analysis of your current website design: why it is
    not delivering what you want it to deliver
  3. Presentation of various solutions with the help of flow
    charts and wireframes
  4. Preview of home page & inner page designs
  5. Customization of the redesign
  6. Testing, tweaking and follow up

Although this basically sums up the website redesign procedure. For a vibrant business, this is a continuous process just as it happens in normal brick and mortar business.

Don't lose money - start making it,

with the help of an expert website redesigner.

Your existing website design is costing you money every second. Whether it is in the form of lost business opportunities or a poor conversion rate, the business that should be coming to you is going to your competitors simply because your current website design isn't up to the mark and cannot communicate your true message.

I can help you, just as I have helped scores of other small business owners and advertising agencies.

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Through my redesign speciality, I will create a website that will completely change the way you do business online. You will see a marked improvement in your conversion rate and every individual part of your website will enhance your online presence.

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In your success,


Akshar yadav
Website Redesign & Email Marketing specialist
Founder, Centronics Support

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