Build customer loyalty & improve
follow-ups with Email Marketing

The time to go through ebooks that beat around the bush without providing you the real meat of information is over; Emailicious (download it for FREE) brings you the very crux of permission-based e-mail marketing that has the ability to turn, and that HAS turned, multiple businesses around.

Over 1618 people have downloaded this ebook.

Email Marketing
Simplified - Seriously!

Finally, a common sense approach to improving customer loyalty and follow-up marketing available in a handy ebook. Learn how it can turn your business upscale.

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Emailicious is explained with real-world examples you can immediately implement and then see your business soaring right in front of your eyes. Must ready for every entrepreneur, marketers & small business owners.


By the time you are through with Emailicious you will be knowing –

  • What exactly Permission Based Email Marketing is?
  • Key difference between a non-performing bulk emailing versus and a high-performance permission-based email marketing
  • Why interruption marketing strategies like advertising, tele-calling, mass mailing etc are sheer waste of money
  • Clarify false myths about about email marketing
  • Two most neglected marketing principles which if followed can increase your sales 5x

    and a horde of other facts that will bring about sweeping positive results.

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Download it and save yourself lots of time and money. Use it as a ready reckoner, use it as an inspiration or go through it again and again to keep yourself focused. The methodologies described in Emailicious have delivered real results to real people. You will be surprised to know what an amazing tool –- permission-based email marketing – you can access easily.

Once you have downloaded Emailicious you can also subscribe to an auto responder crash course on the great power of permission-based email marketing.


Emailicious is written in a total laid-back tone and yet it provides professional-quality piece of advice. It follows a highly effective story format to convey the central point that how effective permission-based email marketing is. Good work Akshar!

– Dushyant Kumar (Founder, Divya Hindustan)