Do you often wonder...

Despite representing great ideas, why most websites fail to take off or fizzle out after a couple of months of buzz?

Their planners and designers fail to answer the most fundamental questions before implementing their design, user experience and content. Remember that genius is 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration ...and the devil is in the detail.
The Ultimate Website Planning Workbook

So this is the most detailed
website planning workbook you
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It's well thought of arrangement of questions that you must answer before designing your website leaves no stone unturned.

After following through the workbook
you will know --
  1. How to put your best foot forward through your website?
  2. What are the strongest points in your competitors'
    website strategy?
  3. What are the pitfalls you should avoid that your competitors
    failed to avoid?
  4. How to understand the basic aspects of running and
    managing a business website?
  5. What are the right questions to ask yourself in order to
    create failproof, high-conversion content for individual pages
  6. How to create an information flow that will create a lead
    generation funnel that always gives its ultimate
  7. and a plethora of other facts you simply cannot afford to
    ignore if you're really serious about launching a business
    website that really works

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After going through your work on Website Planning, I think designing and launching a website is no longer tantamount to throwing a hook into the water and hoping to catch a fish. If one follows the instructions exactly the way they have been mentioned in the workbook failure will be impossible. Thats what I have experienced with newly redesigned website. Thank you for this deadly guidebook.

– Kumar Gaurav (Online Entrepreneur).

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