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Listed below are the 3 ebooks I have specifically written for you that you can have a look at with a cup of cappuccino in your hand (oh, how I love my cappuccino!); that is to say, all the three books are written in a completely conversational manner, devoid of jargon and cryptic phrases. These books will give you direction, motivation and just the nudge you need to make your next decisive move.

  1. Emailicious – Well, I won't say you are wrong if you think I have mixed up email and delicious to come up with the name (this happens when you work on a script constantly smelling the rising fumes of cappuccino). This ebook takes you through the real world story of how an entrepreneur turned around his small business by implementing a kick-ass email marketing strategy formulated and implemented by none other than yours truly (bowing to the applause :)
  2. Website Talkies – No, it has got nothing to do with the famous Bombay Talkies of the bygone era. The story belongs to the present. This one tells you how an enterprising business owner was able to inject rocket fuel into the growth engine of his business by proactively getting his website redesigned.
  3. Take That Plunge! – Looking for some real-world inspiration? Then you will get it in this e-book. It contains the narration of my entrepreneurial journey right from the periods of uncertainty to the sparks of success that eventually began to show up in the
    skies of my effort.

Again, I repeat, you can download all these three books for FREE.

Want to learn more?

I believe that learned clients are always better than uninformed clients. In fact, here at Centronics Support we are so confident of our services, that we're not afraid to teach you what we do. Presented below are 3 ecourses that you can join. Again, these 3 ecourses will give you a definitive head start if you want to work on your own on your e-mail marketing strategy. Here they are –

  1. Beginners Guide to Email Marketing – Wondering what's the big deal about carrying out an e-mail marketing campaign? There is a reason why 99% of e-mail marketing campaigns fail to show results. This is an introductory course on permission based email marketing.
  2. Hot Response Email List Building Secrets – "The money is in the list," as is the saying that goes. Once you have the email list your business really needs, nothing can stop you. This ecourse explores the various contours of list building that can help you aggregate a formidable permission-based e-mailing list.
  3. How to Build a Website that Works – These are the secrets used by highly paid professionals in order to create websites for their clients that really work. From design to content structure, everything is covered in this multi-part ecourse.

As they say, the best things in life are free, and so are these ecourses. Simply submit your e-mail ID and you're ready to roll. Without overwhelming you, these course installments will reach your inbox once every week so that you get ample time to learn and implement the nuggets of knowledge encapsulated within the messages.

So keep in touch.

Let's stick around while on our journey to the city called Success.


Akshar yadav
Email Marketing specialist
Founder, Centronics Support

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