My story that isn't ending soon

hire-meOn this page I'm going to give you some insight into what makes me tick and how and why I am where I am.

I come from PR background having done my MBA in Marketing. Ever since the Internet gained prominence among the masses and people began to realise its business potential, I had been crazy about setting up my own business. From the beginning itself I had realized that the beauty of the Internet is that you can literally run your business from your balcony or your basement and give multinationals a run for their money. I love the idea of the independence it entails and also a sense of camaraderie among the new-age entrepreneurs.

So with big dreams but little budget and foresight I quit my cushy job in 2007 in order to be my own boss. You can compare my decision to quit my job to the proverbial "burning your ships" (thanks to the Cortés dude) as I believe that how you treat your business the business treats you. Hence if I wanted serious, full-time success I needed to make a full-time commitment.

How did I fair? Well, it is a different story and you can read about my initial travails in my free e-book "Take That Plunge", but on this page, I would just like to say that I had my share of trials and tribulations but with an attitude of taking everything in my stride, whether it was success or failure, I learned, assimilated and moved on to the next level.


I love to help people grow
their business

Being growth-oriented myself, I really appreciate people who are inclined towards doing better in their lives. In fact, I love helping people so much that I have written multiple ebooks –

  1. Emailicious (my free ebook on Email Marketing – a real
    world story of how an entrepreneur turned around his small business completely by implementing a kick-ass email marketing strategy formulated by yours truly)
  2. Website Talkies (a free ebook on how an enterprising
    business owner turns around his business by being
    proactive and redesigning his website)
  3. Take That Plunge! (a short and inspirational read on my own half-baked enterpreneurial journey)

All these ebooks are FREE to download. These ebooks will give you a head start in your pursuit for online success.

And along with these ebooks I have created following 3 ecourses to help you grow your business online –
  1. Beginners Guide to Email Marketing (an introductory course on permission based email marketing)
  2. Hot Response Email List Building Secrets (a unique course revealing secrets known to professional email marketer on how to build email database fast)
  3. How to Build a Website that Works (Learn all the finer points about building website that really works)

You can subscribe to the ecourses for FREE.

I realized early that if you want to succeed on the Internet, you not only have to put your best foot forward you need to persistently keep in touch with your prospective customers and clients so that when shove comes to push, they know exactly where you stand.

Hence, email marketing services

Why, you may ask, Email marketing, when most of such businesses promote themselves as Email marketing services? Actually I love challenges. Besides, when I approach my prospective customers they are already desperately looking for help, which I can readily provide. They have burned their fingers, they have experienced how their ill-Email marketeres can cause hindrance rather than add value and they're looking for somebody they can trust and count on.

When I provide email marketing services I fully understand the overwhelming importance of this promotional activity. Email marketing for me is not just sending messages to a random list of customers and clients. Your email marketing should help you build relationships that are long-lasting and mutually beneficial. Instead of an expense, it should be an asset. For me it's a mission.

Since you need innovative email marketing to get visitors to your website and then you need a well-designed website to convert those visitors into paying customers and clients, without these two aspects, one can never hope to succeed.

The best of both worlds

This is what you get out of my services: a killer website that generates business and leads round the clock and an email marketing strategy that gives you a strong foothold over your target market

My fail-save methodology

In order to provide you a perfect solution, I –

  • FULLY UNDERSTAND and analyze your existing problem
  • make myself RELATE TO your business aspirations
  • put my finger on the pulse of your TARGET AUDIENCE
  • create a long-lasting strategy that performs NON-STOP
  • provide a solution that YOUR BUSINESS NEEDS and not a solution that I can provide

Within the parameters of my core competence, once you decide to partner with me, my primary goal is to improve your presence and expand your influence.

The competencies that I bring to the table

Whether it is creativity or execution or reliable maintenance,
I provide you a total solution. As I have already mentioned above,
I don't strive to accumulate a number of projects, I strive to build relationships and help you grow. Sometimes I work on my own, and sometimes, if the scale of the project demands, I work with a team of graphic designers, web programmers, copywriters and content writers to provide you the best talent available in the market.

Okay the big question - what I aspire?

Well, I aspire to become a millionaire, of course. But that's secondary. Money is, and should be, a byproduct of your passion, and not your passion itself. So I believe in excelling in my field and I aspire to help you succeed in your business with exceptional results.

So let us join hands and usher in a change whose foundation is built upon innovation, creativity, decisiveness and strategy.


Would you like to keep in touch
with me?

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And of course you can always write to me at – akshar_yadav[at]

Take care,


Akshar yadav
Email Marketing specialist
Founder, Centronics Support

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