How long would you continue to waste your money on PPC, SEO and Social Media by NOT having a strategic Email Marketing in place?

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This is Akshar, your trustworthy email marketing specialist.

If you are looking for ways to close more sales and grow your business, then you've come to the right place. Whether you operate your business from a big metropolitan city like Delhi or from another town or city in India my turnkey email marketing services will totally transform your business

Before I reveal a better way...let me share two little-known marketing principles that have helped many small businesses across India accelerate their growth:

  1. People buy when they are ready to buy, not when you are ready to sell and
  2. People buy from companies they know, like & trust

Your job is to be available when people are ready to buy and develop trust with relevant communications.

That’s where Permission Based
Email Marketing comes in

It’s the perfect fit for a small business like yours. A great thing about email marketing is it doesn’t take much in terms of money and time in order to publish a quality campaign on a regular basis. But the returns are tremendous. Why email marketing is a hit among successful online businesses is because the costs are much lower compared to traditional marketing approaches, such as print advertising and direct mail marketing, not many resources are required in order to dispatch your messages, you can easily track the performance of individual campaigns, and the results are almost instant.

Your business needs a professional email marketing service that will help you always keep in touch with your customers – so that they think of you first, always

With zillions of websites vying for your target customers’ and clients’ attention – in India as well as globally – it’s almost humanly impossible... for them to specifically remember your website in case they don’t immediately require your service or product. You need to establish a mechanism that allows you to keep in touch with them without intruding upon their personal space and privacy.

This is where permission based email marketing campaigns can help you.

The logic behind running permission based email marketing campaigns –

Just like the normal world, doing business on the Internet is all about visibility and maintaining the right buzz around your business. Although you can use a plethora of channels to reach out to your target audience, permission based email marketing is one of the most effective and one of the oldest modes of business communication on the Internet.

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But mind you, there is a very thin line that separates meaningful email marketing from bulk or mass mailing.

Email marketing is about –
  • Keeping your audience engaged with informative and relevant updates at set intervals
  • Encouraging your target customers and clients to contact you or visit your website on a regular basis
  • Sending updates about your latest offerings and the upcoming business plans
  • Making your customers and clients feel special by informing them of special offers
  • Making them feel that you actually care for them and are not just interested in getting business from them

There might be scores of other reasons why your website requires an immediate redesign.


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Why you need to partner with an email marketing specialist who doesn’t make claims but shows results

Email marketing, especially permission based, as already mentioned above, requires sustained and strategic effort. It is not just about firing off emails every Wednesday and receiving new orders on Thursday.

It involves –

  • Setting up a qualified system that supports
    permission-based email marketing
  • Using cutting-edge analytics tools to measure open and
    response rates of your various email campaigns
  • Testing various email formats to find the best options that
    work for you
  • Using the best email delivery solutions available on the web
  • Creating top-notch email content to strengthen your brand
    and enhance loyalty and trust
  • Carry out consistent follow-ups
This requires a dedicated professional and not just secretarial staff that might be handling scores of other things.
Permission based email marketing is the sure shot way of improving your current success rate with little, but sustained effort.

You can provide a solution only when you understand the problem and then sometimes there are indirect problems (problems that exist but are not apparent at first glance) requiring pragmatic solutions. When I work on your email marketing project, this is a rough procedure that I normally follow:

The key here is “sustained” and “persistence” coupled with quality and timeliness.

This is where I can help you.

For many years I have been helping my clients remain in constant contact with their customers and clients and seeing astounding results non-stop. For a highly successful email marketing campaign you require –

  • Highly efficient email marketing online tools
  • A persistent schedule that is synchronized with the email usage pattern of your prospective customers and clients
  • Top-notch content to keep your subscribers hooked onto your regular doses of newsletter issues and updates
  • Killer copywriting skills that can sell your ideas and offers like hot cakes in a freezing weather

As an experienced email marketing expert I come with the exact attributes your business requires. Once you decide to partner with me for your email marketing needs, you can simply focus on your core business and leave the rest on me.

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Akshar yadav
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